Well Components

Below are descriptions of the basic components found in private water well.

  • Well Casing

    is the tube-shaped structure placed in the well to maintain the well opening from the target groundwater to the surface. Along with grout, the casing keeps dirt and excess water out of the well. This helps prevent contaminants from less desirable groundwater from entering the well and mixing with the drinking water. Some states and local governing agencies have laws that require minimum lengths for casing. The most common materials for well casing are carbon steel, plastic, and stainless steel. Local geology often dictates what type of casing can be used.

  • Well Caps

    are placed on top of the well casing to prevent debris, insects, or small animals from getting into the well. Well caps are usually made of aluminum or plastic. They include a vent to control pressure during well pumping.

  • Well Screens

    are attached to the bottom of the casing to prevent too much sediment from entering the well. The most common well screens are continuous slot, slotted pipe, and perforated pipe.

  • Pitless Adapter

    is a connector that allows the pipe carrying water to the surface to remain below the frost line. It provides ensures that a sanitary and frost-proof seal is maintained.

  • Jet Pumps

    are the most commonly used pumps for shallow wells (depth of 25 feet or less). Jet pumps are mounted above ground and use suction to draw water from the well.

  • Submersible Pumps

    are the most commonly used pumps for deep private wells. The pumping unit is placed inside the well casing and connected to a power source on the surface.

Maintaining your home or business with a water well or pump system can sometimes leave you “out to dry” when things go wrong. When you are out of water, we understand you can’t afford to wait for a well pump repair fit you in their schedule. That’s why at Mike’s Pump & Well Service, we offer 24/7 emergency pump repair service. Water is essential to your daily life, and any stoppage of water can have a major impact on you and your family.

Anyone owning a water well and well pump system needs a company they can trust if things stop working correctly. Our team knows that when a homeowner calls at 5am for well pump repair, that the situation is urgent. The professionals of our Mike’s Pump & Well Service are available to answer your call and provide immediate service to solve your water well and well pump emergency. If you are experiencing problems with your well pump, give us a call now.

How to get the most out of your water pump?

Having your own well system has its advantages over using the municipal water supply. The main one being lower monthly costs of having fresh clean water easily accessible in your home. With these benefits comes the responsibility of also having more technology to maintain and repair to keep a clean water supply running through your faucets. From major issues of a shallow well pumps to the more common...

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